How to Prosper Breed in Blox Fruits

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When players first sign up for Blox Fruits, they randomly get a race. The races you can get can be Human, Skypian, Fishman or Mink.

Players usually start with the human race. There are also two other races in Blox Fruits, called Cyborg and Ghouk, which you can get only if you meet certain requirements and assigned missions. Now, we are going to show you how to prosper the race in Blox Fruits of Roblox.

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How to Progress the Breed in Blox Fruits

How to progress the race in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits will randomly assign you a race at the beginning of the game, however you will be able to change or improve it in different ways:

  • Acquiring a Race Change, for this you must cancel a cost of ninety Robux in the game store
  • Canceling three thousand shards to Norp in order to get a new race
  • Taking advantage of the Christmas event. This was introduced with update number one. Blox Fruits players had the opportunity to acquire a new race through the NPC Magic Elf
  • With update number one, the event called Halloween was introduced, in which players can acquire a new race. This is possible through the NPC King of Death
  • In update number one, the Christmas event was introduced where players could get certain races through the NPC Magic Elf

All races carry with them a second V2 and a third V3 update. These updates include different extensions that can be tailored to the different abilities of the player. We can highlight that the two updates can only be obtained in the area of 鈥嬧嬧嬧媡he second site of the sea.

Upgrade race to V2 in Blox Fruits

To progress the race to V2, you must interact with the alchemist who is located in the green zone, performing the Flower Quest. To perform this upgrade, you must be at level 2 or higher in the game. In addition to this, you must perform the quest to find the Colosseum. If you interact with Bartilo's character in the Caf茅, you will be able to achieve the VXNUMX upgrade of your race for five hundred Robux.

Upgrade race to V3 in Blox Fruits

Getting the V3 update for your race can be a bit tricky. You must prove your authentic qualities as a warrior to fulfill the mission that will be entrusted to you.

  • The V2 race must have it improved
  • You must complete the mission of Flamingo Quest
  • Cancel two million Robux for the new update
  • Head to Flower Plains and find the boss Diamond
  • Head to a secret door that will take you to Arowe. There you will receive the mission that you must complete to update the race to V3

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