How to Sell Fruit at Blox Fruits

How to Sell Fruit at Blox Fruits

To get a demon fruit in Blox Fruits, you need to find the Blox Fruit Vendor, who is an NPC in a shop. You have three options to get the Blox Fruits in Blox Fruits, and one of them is exactly through the Blox Fruit Vendor. He offers you the fruits from his inventory, and you must cancel with Beli or Robux. Now, you have to know how to sell fruit in Blox Fruits from Roblox.

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How to Sell Fruit at Blox Fruits

How to sell fruit at Blox Fruits

As soon as you find the fruit vendor Blox, you can acquire any of the fruits that he has free in his inventory. Since, you have to know that the fruit dealer's inventory is limited, and the availability of fruits is random. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific fruit, you must wait at least four hours. Since this is the period in which the inventory of the Blox fruit seller is updated.

You can purchase as many Blox Fruits as you like, only the game makes you consume them automatically until you're down to one. Blox fruits can be purchased by canceling with Robux, so you don't have to wait for the fruit vendor cycle to pass. He will offer you the fruit you want regardless of whether they have it in stock or not.

When you purchase a Blox fruit through the fruit vendor, you will not get the fruit physically. In turn, this fruit will replace any existing fruit you have free. If you drop a Blox fruit on the green circle in front of the fruit dispenser, it will automatically disappear.

The fruit seller has a limited number of fruits in his inventory. Depending on the cycle you carry out, you can get the most expensive fruit in the game, which is the Dragon Fruits.

To find out what the current fruit stock of the fruit vendor is, you need to go to Blox Fruits Stock. When you purchase a Blox Fruit with Robux, you can use it at any point in the game. However, if you buy them from Beli, she will replace the current fruit and to use the fruit she replaced, you must purchase it again.

What are the chances of a Blox fruit appearing in the game?

The chances of a Blox fruit appearing in the game depend on the type of fruit:

  • The Blox Bomba fruit is one of the fruits with the highest percentage of the distributor's inventory, and it is always and in all circumstances available.
  • The Blox Pico fruit is another fruit that is always free in the fruit vendor's inventory.
  • Spring Blox fruit has a two percent chance to appear in the in-game fruit vendor's stock
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