How to Sell Stuff in MeepCity

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Do you want to get coins to buy a house or remodel the one you already have or buy a pet? In MeepCity we have multiple options where we are going to earn money, and one of them is selling fish in the pet store or marketing the flowers that we grow. Read on and we'll show you how to sell things online. MeepCity Roblox.

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How to Sell Stuff in MeepCity Roblox

How to Sell Stuff in MeepCity Roblox

Do you want to get coins by selling items to shops or other players, and thus get money? In this new installment we are going to show you two methods that we can sell things quickly and easily.

Sell 鈥嬧媐ish in MeepCity

It is a good option to make money quickly and easily, we just have to go to the pet store and buy a fishing rod. With the cane we go to the lagoon that is in the MeepCity square.

We must locate a dock that is unoccupied, then we are going to launch the fishing line in the dark spots of the lagoon (indicative of where the fish are located). Each fish that we catch will be placed in the bucket. And we continue throwing the fishing line in the dark spots, until we carry the bucket, we can only carry ten fish in the bucket.

Once we fill the bucket we head to the pet store to sell the fish. In the store we go to the counter, and a menu will be displayed with the option to sell fish. Depending on the type of fish we will get coins. We can repeat this procedure as many times as we want in order to win many coins.

Sell 鈥嬧媐lowers in MeepCity

At the beginning of the game, each and every one of the players is assigned a house that has multiple pots on the outside. We only have to click on the pot that we want to plant so that the menu with the different flower options is displayed.

Once we choose the flower to plant, we will have to take care of it, that is, water it from time to time so that it grows beautiful. At the end of the development period (5 hours or so). We can collect the plant, which we will proceed to sell to the rest of the players. Whoever is interested will give us coins in exchange for the flower.

The initial house has 4 pots to plant the plants. If you want and you have the possibility you can buy a new house with many pots, to plant flowers in each and every one and earn large amounts of money. This procedure, like that of fishing, can be carried out multiple times, since it does not have any established limit.

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