How to Store a Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

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You are a beginner in the game Build A Ship For Treasure Roblox, and you want to learn each and every trick that is in exactly the same. In this new installment we are going to show you the function of the save slots with which you can recover the progress you have made in the construction of your ship.

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How to Save a Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

How to save a ship in Build a Ship for Roblox Treasure

At the beginning of the game we will have free and free 3 save slots, if we want to get an auxiliary save slot we must cancel 100 Robux coins or 100 gold pieces. Every time we acquire a save slot with gold, the value of exactly the same will progressively increase by two hundred gold pieces.

To save our progress in building a ship we just have to choose the save icon that includes a ship figure, and then choose the slot where we want to save our data. With the save slots we can recover all the progress we have made in the construction of our ship when we start the session again.

Updates to save slots in Build a Ship for Treasure

In the course of time the save slots have had certain modifications with the updates that are introduced in the game. Now, let's mention some of them:

  • With the data update one-four-two thousand and eighteen, players can customize save slots by naming them to their liking.
  • In the data update two-four-two thousand and eighteen, players who purchased save slot C will be refunded Robux coins or gold. Since from this date slots A, B and C are free.
  • With the data update one-six-two thousand and eighteen, players will get a new save slot, identified with a star symbol, this slot is completely free.
  • With the data update four-one-two thousand and eighteen, players will have the ability to retrieve save data from previous ships. This service costs 15 gold pieces. To access this service, you only need to access the Load Old Versions option.
  • With the data update one-twelve-two thousand and eighteen, players have the ability to restore save slots using the Restore Slots option found in the game settings.
  • In the thirty-one-one-two thousand and eighteen data update, players can purchase auxiliary save slots at a cost of 100 Robux or 100 gold pieces; if save slots are purchased with gold, the cost will increase progressively.
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