How to Throw Fruits in Blox Fruits

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In Blox Fruits you have the option to drop or throw Blox Fruits, also known as Demon Fruits. In the game, there is an NPC named Remove Blox Fruits, who has the ability to remove a Blox Fruit from your inventory. For this you must cancel a sum of fifty thousand Beli. You must know how to throw fruits in Blox Fruits of Roblox!

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How to Throw Fruits in Blox Fruits

How to throw fruits in Blox Fruits

If you want to drop a Blox fruit from your inventory, you need to find the Remove Blox Fruits NPC. He is the one who has the ability to suppress a demon fruit from your inventory, to the tune of fifty thousand Beli. Follow these instructions, so that you can find the NPC:

  • Head to the Impel Down area. There is the prison, and in the back of it you will achieve a wall of significant size. Climb the wall, at the top is the NPC Remove Blox Fruits, who has a mask to remain anonymous. Pay the NPC the amount of fifty thousand Beli for throwing the fruit from your inventory. Once the Blox fruit has been dropped from your inventory, you will not be able to recover it, unless you buy it from the in-game fruit dealer
  • You can find the NPC Remove Blox Fruits in the area called Castle on The Sea, and interact with him. This NPC is going to give you two options, Clear and Shut up. If you choose the Clear option, Remove Blox Fruits will remove the fruit from your inventory. If you choose Shut up, the NPC's JE dialog will be triggered. You must be careful, since the NPC transforms into your opponent and can attack you
  • Locate it by entering the new upgrade, which gives you a chance to drop the fruit when you acquire a new one or consume it. Thus, the NPC Remove Blox Fruits is set aside in the background of the game

Characteristics of the best fruits Blox Fruits

  • Blox Bomb Fruit: It is achieved by canceling a sum of five hundred Beli. To activate his powers you must press Z. So you will be able to use the sniper bomb, and if you press X, you will use the full body explosion
  • Blox Spike Fruit: You can get it for seven thousand five hundred Beli. If you press the Z key, you will get the Spike Race ability and with the X key, you will activate the Hedgehog Stinger
  • Fruit Blox Chop: It has a cost of three thousand Beli. She carries with her abilities such as arm slam with the Z key and immunity to swords with the X key.
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