How to Unlink Hay Day from Google Play

There Day is one of the most played games of recent times, created in the year two thousand and twelve by the multinational famous as supercell, same company that created other games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Hay Day Pop and many other hits. There Day was the first game released by this developer, achieving a resounding success for its innovative farm simulator experience that offers a pleasant and entertaining experience for players.

In this game we are going to be able to enjoy many activities that are usually done on a farm, one case of this is that it is left interact with other players, grow plants, create buildings, raise animals, among many other things. When entering Hay Day we will be able to register with Google, Fb or Supercell ID, but today we bring you a guide on how to unbind There Day from Google Play if you already want to separate your Hay Day account from your Google account.

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How to Unlink Hay Day from Google Play

How to Unlink Hay Day from Google Play

There are multiple ways to unlink our Hay Day account from Google, so the essentials when creating or disconnecting an account singularly from There Day it is to know with what option to deactivate exactly the same, especially if we are not sure of permanently disassociating our account. Now, here are the ways you could unlink your account from Hay Day:

  1. Temporarily disconnect: The simplest way but not permanent would be to go to "Settings" y click on the Google Play account section, after this it will appear as offline. This procedure is not going to be absolutely effective since, being temporary, in a matter of days it will be linked again or it will ask us to link, which we will be able to refuse without any inconvenience.
  2. Go to support: Another useful way and that can be the most effective, although it is surely the one that would take the longest to materialize, would be contact Hay Day technical support. To do this we must go to the section “Settings " and then press on "medium" and continue the instructions that will indicate us there until we get an answer.

It is essential to have our account linked to at least one of the 3 means of linking that Hay Day offers, either Facebook, Google or Supercell ID, since this will protect our account and will take care of our information in case we forget our data or try to hack us.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on How to unlink Hay Day from Google Play and that you can now unlink your account simply with the steps that we have given you. If you liked this note, remember to review all the others hay day guides and many other games that we have free for you.

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