Which is the Best House in Brookhaven

The main thing you must have to play Brookhaven Roblox is a house. You should know that practically all the properties are free for free. In other words, it is not necessary to spend your pasta. Enter the platform so that you can see what is the best house in brookhaven.

You can choose the house you like best, really, in brookhaven Roblox, you will find different options, each and every one very attractive. It can be noted that there are houses in brookhaven that are Premium, but with a couple of tricks, they can be yours completely free of charge.

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Which is the Best House in Brookhaven

Which is the Best House in Brookhaven

The houses that you can locate in Brookhaven Roblox have an interactive structure, in which you can customize the spaces. Decorate it as you please, with the elements that please you the most. This game lets you choose between different types of houses, each and every one with different peculiarities.

There are houses with a higher or lower budget according to their main characteristics.


This is without a doubt the smallest option. It is a pleasant house with three rooms distributed in 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom.

Family house

This is a great option as it is one of the largest houses in the neighborhood. This property is two stories and has five bedrooms. You should know that in this property, parties are not allowed.


This property is quite spacious and comfortable, since it has three floors in which nine small rooms are distributed.

Tree house

This is a 1-story house in which you will find three rooms. To go up to this property, you will find an incredible staircase.

Futuristic house

In this property you will be able to find a fantastic swimming pool inside and five comfortable rooms. In this house, you will be able to organize and enjoy pleasant parties.


These really are fincas with a third floor of a smaller size more comfortable and pleasant. This property has a total of seven bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen. It is stunningly beautiful, suitable for gamers on a high budget.

In addition to these, there are other alternatives such as the gingerbread house, the pizzeria, among many others.

The best house in brookhaven

There is no doubt that according to your tastes, you will choose the one that seems the best house for you. But without any doubt, the best of each and every one is the futuristic house. This is a large house, they have a swimming pool, and in addition to this you can organize assemblies and entertaining parties with your friends.

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