How to Decorate my Farm on Hay Day

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There Day is a mobile game created in the year two thousand and twelve by the Finnish company super cell and whose main objective is to manage a farm from scratch while players progress through the different levels of the game, thanks to this, its gameplay and other peculiarities, it has become one of the best games of recent times, attracting millions of users who play games There Day daily.

There is an enormous plurality of activities that we can carry out for each area of ​​the farm, among which we can highlight growing plants, taking care of pets, raising animals, completing missions and tasks, and even decorating the territory we have. Today we want to share with you this guide on how to decorate my farm on hay day so you can have the best decorations around Hay Day

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How to Decorate my Farm on Hay Day

How to Decorate my Farm on Hay Day

Farms can be upgraded, expanded, and decorated as well, and believe it or not, it is essential that your farm is well decorated and has a good environment, since remember that many of your friends are going to visit your farm and for this reason it should always look good in all circumstances. For decorate your farm you must unlock a section called “Decorations” in which you will be able to discover the value of each ornament, but in addition to this, we will share other ways to get the decorations without needing to buy them with coins or diamonds.

  1. “Decorations” section: Unlock a part of decorations it has a cost with both coins and diamonds. The store is really useful to know the different kinds of objects that are free depending on the level we have so far, since as we level up, new free items will appear.
  2. Tickets or tickets: Another way to decorate our farm in the game is to acquire the decorations with tickets that we have on hand, these can be achieved simply by completing many orders; however, it is not possible to get all the decorations in this way, only the ones that are free in exchange for tickets.
  3. Event, Derby, and Wheel of Fortune Decorations: In this way we will achieve special decorations that they will have the reason for the singular event that is being celebrated at that moment, as well as in derby competitions and when we have the opportunity to be able to turn the wheel of luck.

Decorations don't give any special reward, not much EXP, It will only serve so that our farm has a decoration and consequently it looks better and more original, since the idea is that you decorate your farm to your complete taste.

With this we have finished for today our guide on how to decorate my farm on Hay Day, if you liked this article, remember that you can check all the other hay day guides that we have free for you.

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