How to Get Stock Animals on Hay Day

There Day was one of the first mobile games where you can simulate and farm manager from the beginning, in addition to this you will be able create buildings, raise animals, earn coins and sell any product or raw material you acquire, which will allow you to advance little by little in a huge game that has a community of millions of users spread throughout the world.

En There Day You will be able to visit different places that will let you get EXP, coins and even in certain cases you could get diamonds. As you know, certain places require repair or construction, apart from incessant maintenance to be used or to be connected with other places that you have free, as is the case of the reserve, so today we are going to tell you how to get reserve animals on Hay Day.

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How to Get Stock Animals on Hay Day

How to Get Stock Animals on Hay Day

The reserve It is essential since it will help us make our farm look much better, clearer, this will also go hand in hand with the animals of the reserve that we manage to add to ours. This is what you should do to get animals from the reserve on Hay Day:

  1. Repair reservation: The first step that we must take into consideration in order to see our list of animals of the reserve is to fix exactly the same, since it is at a more advanced level. For this reason, we must pay more or less a cost of 10000 coins to be able to use it and after that happened, to be able to see its animals, characters and other things that appear while we advance in the game or in the reserve as such.
  2. Animals: To achieve any of the animals that we want, we will have to fill the pieces of a puzzle, for this reason, it is not so easy to acquire an animal from the reserve, since the number of pieces is quite high (36 for each of them).
  3. Get Puzzle Pieces: The first option we have is through the derby in case we are immersed in any neighborhood, also opening any enigmatic box could appear certain randomly, and finally and the least common of each and every one would be on the ship.

Can puzzle pieces be sold?

Many people also wonder if the puzzle pieces are interchangeable or if they can be sold and it is really not possible to neither sell nor exchange them, at least until now, since you barely get or acquire a piece or a part of each puzzle, exactly the The same will be annexed immediately to the book destined for the animals of the reservation.

This is all we can tell you about. how to get reserve animals on Hay Day to make your farm considerably more alive and look much better. If you liked this article, remember that you can review each and every other guide by Hayday that we have on our website for you.

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