How to Get Feathers on Hay Day

How to Get Feathers on Hay Day

There Day is a game created in the year two thousand and twelve by the company that produces games for video consoles Supercell, being the first game released on mobile platforms by this company that has already created other games such as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans which are, just as There Day, certain most popular and played games of recent times.

In this entertaining game we will be able to direct and manage our farm from scratch, fulfilling the tasks and missions that are assigned to us and carrying out different activities such as raising animals, sowing, harvesting, trading, building buildings and many other things. Today we are going to talk about feathers and how to get feathers in There Day, so if this is interesting for you, keep reading this note where we will share everything you need to know today.

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How to Get Feathers on Hay Day

How to Get Feathers on Hay Day

We will be able to acquire or sell this material and it will allow us to manufacture other items or objects for our farm, so we must generate it to be able to carry out pillows, blankets, hats And other things. This is what you need to know about the duck feathers to get the most out of them:

duck feathers we are going to be able to achieve them from each and every one of the ducks that we have put in the duck grooming y each duck will have to continue there for at least three hours to generate the feathers. It is essential that you know that it is possible to speed up this process by paying 5 diamonds and thus we will shorten the waiting time for each pen to be able to undertake our orders more quickly.

To achieve ducks in There Day we could put duck traps, which is a product that we can get for free at the net loom and that will help us to attract the ducks and capture them and then put them in the duck grooming.

Curiosities about duck feathers on Hay Day

Is it possible to sell these pens up to a cost of one thousand four hundred gold coins each units, so if we sell, for example, a hundred units, we could receive up to 14.000 coins, which is going to be quite advantageous for us and our progress in the game. It is an item that we are going to be able to use and trade to obtain benefits that we really should not waste at any time.

Duck feathers are used in sewing machine to make pillows and blankets, and in the hat shop to make top hats and beach hats, which are going to be items that will also serve us to trade and thus achieve profits and benefits.

This is all you need to know about how to get feathers on Hay Day. If this article worked for you, remember that you can check all the other hay day guides that we have published on our website for you.

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