How to Earn Gift Cards on Hay Day

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This game was created a year ago by the video game console developer Supercell, exactly the same one that later created games like Clash Royale, like many other very popular games. There Day is a game that has countless users around the world, apart from being one of the most downloaded games of recent times with more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store, transforming it into a truly remarkable game in each and every one of the games on the platform.

En There Day We will be able to get different materials, benefits, prizes, rewards and many other things as we play and unlock new functions, missions, constructions, products and more. Today we are going to talk about gift cards, so if this is interesting for you, be sure to read this note so that you can find out everything about how to get gift cards on Hay Day.

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How to Earn Gift Cards on Hay Day

How to Earn Gift Cards on Hay Day

Gift cards or gift vouchers They are unique coins or exchange units that are extremely valuable in the game since they will allow us to acquire products from the enigmatic packets, which can contain incredible rewards and benefits for our account that are probably going to come in handy.

One of the ways of get gift vouchers would be completing the orders of the ship or the truck, as help other players recall their bushes or trees. It is essential to get these vouchers, but you have to know that to achieve them you will have to be attentive to the help that your neighbors or other players may need and help them.

only possible have up to forty gift vouchers, so once you have reached this amount, you will have no choice but to use them, but stop worrying, this is not a bad thing, since you will probably receive fantastic rewards for yourself.

How to use gift cards?

These vouchers are received in an envelope that the players will send you after you attend them, specifically they are received at the Thank you letters and they are absolutely random, so it could be the case that you receive one of these cards without a gift voucher. The rule is that they can only be given daily until 30 letters of thanks and five gift vouchers.

To use them we must click on the mailbox which is located at the entrance of our farm and each enigmatic bundle has a cost that can change between 10, two or thirty gift cards per bundle

This is all you need to know about how to get gift cards on Hay Day. If you liked this note, remember that you can check all the others hay day guides that we have published for you on our website.

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