How to Get Corn on Hay Day

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There Day It is in a strategy game for farms, a kind of simulator in which you are going to be the boss of your farm and learn little by little how to have the best farm in the entire game. This great game was created in the year two thousand and twelve for iOS devices and later for Android devices in the year two thousand and thirteen, becoming one of the best games in the world, already counting with millions of users scattered in different parts of the planet .

In this game you will be able to enjoy many activities to have fun, because there are fundamental events in which you can participate and improve from level to level to get fantastic rewards, this will allow you to achieve many things and unlock certain achievements in order to get new objects to build and grow throughout the farm. It is for all these reasons that today we have decided to share a guide on how to get corn There Day.

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How to Get Corn on Hay Day

How to Get Corn on Hay Day

Corn is a fundamental crop for our farm since it will help us to receive great rewards trading with it and in addition to this it will not require a huge investment, so it is worth cultivating this product if we want to make good profits. Now, we are going to tell you point by point how to achieve it and what to do with it:

You can get corn as a crop, and you have to know that this has a very low cost, since at most it will cost you seven coins, so the recommendation is that you make enough crops to get more money by selling the corn in the free stalls, in this way you will to be getting the most out of it. In the stalls you will be able to get both corn and corn crops, Although these are going to have a higher cost, it is really possible that you will have to acquire at some point, either because you need to prepare different foods for service clients or your animals.

What is corn good for? on hay day?

Corn is achieved from level 2, so it will be really useful for any player, since it will be used to create groceries to be delivered to other players in stalls with a good cost or in the orders of the ship, which generally requests a large number of corn.

We must understand the different uses that we can give to corn, since it is a very common food and it is going to be fundamental in our farm, so we must always have a huge reserve for any moment, because it is possible that we run out of coins and we need to receive or give orders with corn for our points of sale or some other task.

Finally, we hope that you have enjoyed this guide on how to get corn on hay day. If you liked it, remember that you can review at any moment each and every one of our hay day guides that we have free on our website.

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