How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day

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There Day is a simulation-style multiplayer game that requires a good approach and in which you will be able to have fun managing a farm step by step while learning many activities and precise actions to sustain and progress your great farm. It is one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store, already counting on more than 100 million downloads in different parts of the planet.

En There Day you are going to be the owner of a farm from scratch and in exactly the same one, you are going to be able to fulfill many missions, tasks, orders, nurture animals and pets, in addition to this you are going to be able to acquire objects, coins and singularly diamonds. To acquire things it is essential to have both coins and diamonds on hand, but we know that diamonds are somewhat more difficult to achieve, for this reason, we have brought you this guide on how to get free diamonds in There Day.

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How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day

How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day

First of all, you must take into consideration as a player that diamonds can be purchased for free and purchased with real money, so if you are not used to or do not plan to purchase diamonds with your real money, it is best to use the diamonds in a wise in the things that you think are most recommendable. Regarding free diamonds, we invite you to try certain ways to achieve them without paying anything that we will share with you today:

  1. Level up: The first free option we have is to reach level thirty-seven, since they will give you a certain amount of diamonds at no cost then, although it is clear that you will not receive a very large amount unless you are at a high level such as the level fifty, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred and more, because it is at these levels that you will be able to get a larger amount for free.
  2. Completing achievements: In this way you will not achieve a very large amount but it is also really useful. At this point you must complete some very specific tasks, such as: Blow up the mine a hundred times.
  3. Mine: In this place it is very normal that you find diamonds, for the mere fact that here you find minerals and things of greater value, that is why it is possible that you find diamonds if you exploit or chop the mine. This way is very efficient, but you can have certain coins and even hours to wait for some random object, and in addition to this you will not always and in all circumstances get diamonds.

There is also the possibility of hacking the game to receive diamonds from time to time, but we do not invite you to do much of this kind of thing, due to the fact that they can bring consequences or hacks to your account. These methods are not reliable and the truth could cause the total loss of your account.

We hope this article on how to get free diamonds on hay day so that you can acquire more things for your farm and thus speed up your progress in the game. If you liked this note, remember to review all the others hay day guides that we have free for you on our website.

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