How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

En There Day we can enjoy a pleasant adventure in which we must manage our farm, carrying out tasks and tasks typical of it as it would be raise animals, build buildings, enable new areas of the farm, trade different products and many other things. It's a game that has millions of downloads and users all over the world, so you can surely play it with your friends or better yet, make new friends playing it every day.

The reserve animals They are animals that will serve to decorate our farm and thus make it look much better, since they add life and movement to the exact same, which makes it considerably more enjoyable. To get these animals, we will need to fill in the puzzle pieces which requires each of the animals so we can put them on our farm, so today we are going to teach you how to get puzzle pieces in There Day to have animals from the reserve.

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How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day

The animal puzzle They are some objects that we must gather to unlock an animal from the reserve and they are unlocked from level 3, so from very early on in the game we will be able to gather these pieces until we fill the precise ones to be able to integrate one more animal into our farm. There are many ways to get these puzzle pieces and today we are going to explain some of them:

  • Use the wheel of fortune: In this roulette we will be able to get not only puzzle pieces, but also other objects randomly. It is a good opportunity to obtain objects or materials for free.
  • Complete Rare Ship Shipments: It is essential to fill each and every one of the possible orders, but the truth is that shipments or unique orders usually deliver better benefits or rewards, among which we will be able to perceive puzzle pieces.
  • Open the enigmatic boxes and treasure chests: This is another way random or haphazard in which we will be able to get puzzle pieces to fill our reserve animals.
  • Earn event rewards: in the events that take place in There Day they get used to giving different rewards among which we will be able to perceive coins, diamonds, puzzle pieces and many other things or materials.
  • Redeem Valley Shop Tokens: Once we have access to the val store and we have exchange tokens we will be able to exchange them for Puzzle pieces as long as we want and have enough.

You no longer need to know only about how to get puzzle pieces in Hay Day, since following the advice we have given you today you will probably complete them very quickly. If you liked this note, remember that you can check all the others hay day guides that we have free for you on our website.

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