How to Get Wood Panels on Hay Day

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There Day is a farmer-style game created in XNUMX in which we will have to carry out different activities to manage a farm and accumulate EXP points that will serve to level up and as we progress, we will improve our farm with new buildings, crops, and animals that we will be able to raise and that will help us generate new products.

En There Day You will be able to get different objects and products by completing missions and tasks in order to improve and level up. The materials are essential since they will help us improve our farm; however, you should know that there are specific materials to build certain buildings and in certain areas of the farm, because of this today we want to share a guide on how to achieve wood paneling on Hay Day.

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How to Get Wood Panels on Hay Day

How to Get Wood Panels on Hay Day

wood panels they are essential to progress certain specific farm places, so you will need to have them always and in all circumstances at some point in the game, and although the reality is that there are not many places that require this material, they undoubtedly have an essential role in the farm to provide us with more materials and therefore higher profits, so without further ado, here are our tips on get the paneled en There's Day:

We can achieve the paneled since the game starts, that is, from level 1, which means it's going to be simple to get at any in-game store as opposed to some other weirder or more advanced stuff. Wood panels can be purchased at stalls for coins or diamonds and are usually not very expensive.

What are wood panels worth on Hay Day?

These panels are essential to build certain buildings such as the silo, that will serve to store certain objects or natural products, the fishing box to store other types of objects related to fishing and cinema to have certain clients of the service and to obtain profits, so really there are multiple buildings that require wood panels for their construction.

Its cost can change according to the coins or diamonds you want to spend on the paneled, Ya que if you want to acquire them only with diamonds they will cost you more or less eight diamonds for each unit, but if you want to buy them with coins you can get them at a low cost either at the stalls or in the store.

Now that we have seen how are the wood panels, you also have to know that we may find them randomly, like many other objects that we will need for construction or for nutrition of our animals and to achieve the panels like this it is enough that we open enigmatic boxes, interact with animals or neighbors, complete missions and tasks and other things, such as participating in an event.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. how to achieve wood paneling on hay day and that you have been able to achieve more units of this material that is very precise in the game. If you liked this note, remember that we have a series of hay day guides and other games on our website that you can check at any time you want.

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