How to get into dragon city on fb

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The first and foremost thing to keep in mind to be able to play this game on Facebook is to have an account for it, since if we don't have a Facebook account we won't be able to access it. Once we have a linked account we will be able to start playing without problems, we will proceed to go to the games section that this application brings us and we will search for “Dragon City” in the search engine and thus begin to play calmly.

One of the rigorous requirements that Fb brings to be able to start a session is to be over one year old to be able to enter without problems, but if you do not have this requirement you can go and ask your parents for help to be able to create your Fb account with the permission of an older person or someone who is in charge of your supervision.

How to Enter Dragon City on Facebook

How to enter and play Dragon City from Facebook

Once we enter the game we will notice that it is nothing different from how it is on other devices, it does not change anything and continues to have exactly the same configurations, gameplay and game menu. If we want to change the account from a PC to another device, we don't have to worry about losing the account, Facebook has a function that is used to save personal data and game data.

Likewise, if we want to switch to a mobile device, the data that we have loaded on it will not be deleted or lost, as well as the progress of "Dragon City" that was previously loaded on Facebook will be saved.

It is nothing from the other planet to be able to play “Dragon City” from Fb due to the fact that it is an absolutely free game for everyone and that makes it even easier for many people from different parts of the planet to access it. Today very few of us play from Facebook since the game is free from other pages, applications and programs at no cost to the community.

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