Weaknesses and Strengths in Dragon City

Weaknesses and Strengths in Dragon City

In "Dragon City"Each respective dragon with its assigned element has both advantages and disadvantages, becoming these weaknesses of itself, being able to serve as an example a fire dragon whose weakness is a water attack, causing it considerably more damage than any another element with which it is attacked and so on with the elements assigned by each dragon.

These essentially have been the opposite elements of each dragon, depending on the category of the dragon we will know which one would be more profitable for battles and pvp against other players, being able to wear down the dragon or defeat it. This is mostly taken into account in player organized championships or suppression events in the exact same game as you tend to take into account the strategy to achieve victory in each and every battle and have a considerably higher chance of being able to win. most of the time, being able to have favorite dragons for each battle or in another case a given mission.

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Weaknesses and Strengths in Dragon City

What are the weaknesses and strengths in Dragon City

On this website we advise one hundred percent to know the weaknesses of each dragon of Dragon City, or at least for the most part to be able to put together a good team and fight with considerably more chances of victory in each and every combat, thus earning more dragons for each battle.

Some of these dragons may have fewer weaknesses than others, even more so with this always and in all circumstances there will be some kind of element that is much more useful and versatile for the attack against this dragon to be able to emerge victorious much faster and easier. , for the most frequent always and at all times the best dragons tend to prosper with the best elements, getting these fewer weaknesses. Being able to tell us thatDragon City” is more than anything about strategy, skill and knowledge of each dragon with its element already fixed.

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