how to hack dragon city on pc

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Here we are going to explain the ways to hack «Dragon City» on our computer in the simplest, easiest and absolutely free way, the procedure begins in the game on Facebook, we will not need third-party programs or applications to carry out this procedure. It should be clarified that there are many ways to do this, but here we are going to leave you well explained certain most used ways to get everything we want for free in "Dragon City" on our PC.

In approximately two thousand nineteen-two thousand twenty the option that was used was to open a little incognito tab in the browser and access «Dragon City» through Fb after this it was about entering the digital functions of the game and putting and even deleting certain number patterns by changing the things we had in it (food, gold, gems). Another procedure was to pull out our Fyber Id and search Google for auto-generating each and every item used in "Dragon City" from dragon shards to unlimited gems.

how to hack dragon city on pc

how to hack dragon city on pc

Currently each and every one of the ways mentioned above no longer works due to the closure of the game on Facebook. Nowadays, to be able to pirate said game on PC is somewhat complicated since, as a general rule, we need an emulator to be able to play it. The primary option is for us to be specialists in programming both codes and systems, in order to be able to disrupt the files of «Dragon City» in the installed emulator and use them at our convenience.

A somewhat easier alternative option would be to install the game from the default browser that we use on our computer, we can do this by searching for “Dragon City” hack / mod in the search engine. In the first link that comes out, we click on it and we only have to install, remembering to have an antivirus previously installed for prevention. Not always and at all times this option will work for us and it is due to the capacity of our PC (recommended Windows one with 32bits from now on).

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