how to play dragon city on pc

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We have multiple ways to be able to play «Dragon City» from web pages to emulators. For those of us who want to install the game, we can enter the browser of our PC and search for “Dragon City, we enter the most recommended link and click on play, then we put the account that we use at the time of playing and it would only be to continue increasing the planet of dragons that has taken us a long time to create.

For players who want to play and have the game just one click away from entering, regardless of anything, there is the option to download a trusted emulator and follow the series of steps that indicate us to take it to its latest version and be able to install «Dragon City«. Having everything already configured next to the downloaded game, we enter the emulator and choose the game that appears in the installed applications and enter it, consecutively as many times as we want to play and that's it.

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how to play dragon city on pc

how to play dragon city on pc

If our PC is of low performance, the simplest way to install the game and that it goes really well for us would be to download it through the Microsoft Store, concisely explained this process is not very complicated, we will only need to create a Microsoft account which we can create on its official page, otherwise we start session and try «Dragon City«, it is essential to have the software of the PC in Windows one since without it we will not have the Microsoft Store on the PC.

You have to have the account that to be able to play «Dragon City» our PC must have some minimum requirements, which are: a Windows 660 operating system, an Intel 2 or higher processor, two to four Gb of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce 1Ti graphics card or an AMD Radeon HD XNUMX (with XNUMXGB of video each; minimum), DirectX version one or more and finally XNUMX Gb of storage on our hard drive.

It should be noted that in the game we can choose the graphics (soft, medium, high) and depending on it, it will be more fluid on our PC "Dragon City".

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