What is the most powerful dragon in Dragon City?

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En Dragon City there is not a dragon itself that is more powerful than the rest, there are many classes, thousands and thousands of dragons and on different worlds. Many of us believe that the apocalypse dragon is the most powerful of each and every one of the dragons due to its base damage of five thousand six hundred points and one thousand hp, but it really is not the best, only one of many powerful as in the case of those of legend history generally.

The DC leagues and the community (fandom) think that the heroic dragons are the most unusual, these are still really strong and not each and every one of us has them, but there is not one as such that beats them all. Different combinations in our team of dragons are the ones that assure us victory in a battle, we could have 3 of the many category one in our team more if the one we face has the strategy and the dragons that make us weak against him, it is no more than to say that victory would be very difficult.

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What is the most powerful dragon in Dragon City?

What is the most powerful dragon in Dragon City?

We must also remember the level and the enchantments that each of the dragons we use have, if these are high, we will achieve greater strength and vital points by making sure that the damage received does not complicate our plays, if we have a very low level or do not have a team of dragons with a minimum of level thirty each of them, in the battles of the arena (pvp) they beat us by a lot of difference in statistics.

What we can advise when creating the team is to carry at least three elements per dragon, facilitating battles and emphasizing critical attacks. In the event that we are an advanced player, that we know the battles from the inside out, there is no doubt that in our team there must be at least one legendary history class dragon and one with the dark factor, since these are the two that more advantages they have against most dragons in “Dragon City” (excluding light element ones).

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